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Solar Solution 


Roof integration: Our Products

Elegante & PV-Insulating Solar Glass


aleo's Leading high-efficiency monocrystalline technology for seamless integration in architectural projects.
Elegante and PV-Insulating solar glass solutions ensure aesthetics and quality are not compromised. 
Harmoniously integrated into building designs and featuring a solid construction with
safety glass architectural certification (abZ from DIBt).

• 30 years product guarantee
• 30 years linear performance warranty
• Safety glass for facades and glass roofs – abZ from DIBt Z-70.3-232


Standard size 1600x950x9mm (12.5mm with the junction box)
Solid design – 2 x 4mm glass



PV Insulating Glass 200W

Standard size 105.8x15.5x12.5mm 
Front Glass: PV module Elegante
Back Glass: 4 + 4 mm laminated safety glass

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