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Quality Investment

Made in Germany. Leading Product Guarantee.

Quality Leader


Solar Technology Made in Germany.

A subsidiary of the SAS Group.

Incorporated in 2001, aleo is recognized as one of the most trustworthy manufacturers of high efficiency solar panels.

aleo produces all its products pursuing industrial excellence at the same, one and only plant in Prenzlau, Germany from day one, more than 20 years ago.

In 2014 aleo joined forces with SAS Group (Sino American Silicon Products Ltd.) As the third largest manufacturer in the world of silicon wafers, the SAS Group supplies components to IBM, Intel, Samsung, Bosch, ABB, Sharp, etc for the computers, phones, cameras, cars, trains and connected devices we all use everyday. 

You can trust aleo as well to power your everyday life with solar energy. 

25yrs Industry Leading product Guarantee

The highest quality material on your roof with guaranteed yield for 25 years.
aleo provides safety of investment with no unexpected expenses in the next 25 years.

The best way to illustrate the difference of aleo against the rest of the field is by the  “circle of PV life guarantee”
25 years button

Only high efficiency today, will not be “enough” tomorrow.

Go with Quality Guarantee.

The only way going long haul.

Solar Technology Made in Germany

Hail VS aleo solar panel

Can you trust your module Supplier?

Quality and Reliability are key. Be careful who you give your trust to.

1. The choice of components is important.

This is where everything starts, the Bill Of Materials. If great components are selected, then greatness is achievable. But from poor components, only mediocrity can be expected.

2. The production factory matters.

A similar Bill Of Materials used in different locations does not give the same results. The know-how necessary to run a production site can vary depending on the location and the people. Performances can vary depending on location and ownership (own production lines vs OEM).

3. The size of the company is not a good proxy for quality

Supplying modules from a large manufacturer is not a guarantee of quality as those manufacturers generally handle a complex supply chain with multiple BOM, locations and OEM suppliers.


Solar Power Technology.

Made in Germany.

World Leading Solar Panel Manufacturer.

aleo solar is a world Leading Solar Panel Manufacturer with 100% quality control in one production plant in Germany.
aleo provides 25 years Product Guarantee and makes sure your solar panels are made to last. Recognized as one of the most trustworthy manufacturers of high efficiency solar panels.

One Plant: 
100% Quality Control

Proudly Made in Germany.

Made in Germany in ONE plant.

aleo has one plant, does not OEM elsewhere.

Why is that important?

aleo offers 100% control of the finished product.

ONE location = 100% quality control.

Zero tolerance to less than perfect. 

Ensuring leading Quality and Reliability is the core mission.

This is the only way to ensure 25yrs of product guarantee.

Ensuring your investment with:

Certified Quality, Prestige, Security, A unique proposal, 

A privilege to sell and install, A boutique approach.

History of Excellence

Know-how Made in Germany.

Since 2001.

aleo is globally recognized as one of the most trustworthy manufacturers of solar modules.

All aleo modules are accompanied with a Declaration of Approved Place of Manufacture including the detailed address of the factory issued by the German Chamber of Industry. Performance and reliability are the main priorities. Since inception, aleo has been working to promote solar at a global scale, while maintaining the values of a solar community. 

aleo is devoted to ensure that your solar panels will work for a lifetime, no matter what happens.

Max. module pressure load 8000Pa

The highest-pressure load globally.
It means the panel is robust and safe.
That’s why
aleo offers a minimum of 25yrs

of guaranteed yield.
Focus on Safety. Focus on Yield.
That is what solar is all about.

aleo is made to last.


aleo Quality

made in


ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001

OHSAS 18001, PID free
Salt mist resistance
Ammonia corrosion resistance
Snail Trail free, LID free, Sand & Dust resistance, 

DEWA Certified, 200 tests for every single module
Calibration of instruments every one hour

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