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The extreme body scrub treatment on aleo pv panels.

Sand and Dust Test. How aleo solar panels perform. From wildfires to flooding, and from hail to sand storms, these extreme weather events have risen concern amongst experts and scientists around the world. Now regularly included in international solar energy conferences & events around the globe, researchers and engineers are holding discussions on how to include strategies that take weather elements into account, as climate change puts a high cost on solar investments. 

Remembering the huge dust storms hitting NSW in January this year, and as we enter another period of potentially threatening extreme weather events, a couple of questions come in mind.

- What does sand and dust do to solar panels, how does it affect the longevity of your solar investment, what happens to performance and reliability due to abrasion?

Aleo solar modules were put to the test with sand being blown at 65km/h for 4 hours, 2 hours on each side, and particles measuring 380 micromilimeters in diameter. And although NASA recorded much bigger particles of 2 millimeters+ during the NSW sand storms on Jan 11th earlier this year, learn why this test is still so important when the durability factor comes into play. Find out one more reason why your investment on aleo solar panels is guaranteed for 25 years.

Better Save than sorry:  Why Sand and Dust testing matters!

The IEC 60068-2-68:1994: Environmental testing Part 2-68: Test L: Dust and sand Method Lc2 Free blowing dust is a kind of extreme body scrub treatment conducted on photovoltaic modules.

We took our panels to a renowned institute, where they spent four hours (2hours per side) being blown by a mix of dust and sand particles with a diameter of 380µm, at a speed of 18m/s, over a delimited area of the front and back side. 

All that in a sauna at 63°C (145,4°F), positioned orthogonally to the sand beam.  Relaxing, isn’t it?

Not really...

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