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Static & dynamical-mechanical tests. The importance.

Violent weather phenomena and extreme weather events are occurring more frequently as a result of climate change. The social and economic effects can be substantial and disruptive in our everyday lives. As much as investing in solar power is taking a step into a sustainable future, it also involves careful planning and development of high-quality solar panels, which is a top priority for aleo solar GmbH.

For aleo solar GmbH, the only way to guarantee the highest industry standards is by constant and thorough quality testing to limit the negative impact of extreme weather events on aleo solar panels.

aleo modules are rigorously tested and hold outstanding results in pressure and suction loads way beyond industry standards.

Pressure Load: 8000 Pa + Suction Load: 5400 Pa.

aleo solar panels can withstand harsh weather conditions such as hail, high wind speeds, and heavy snow. After all, this is why they are installed in some of the worlds’ most remote and challenging weather condition locations, such as in the Antarctica Casey Research Station.

When it's all about being robust.

Static mechanical load standard tests perform a pressure load on the photovoltaic panel in a consistent manner. During this laboratory test, load and pressure are fixed, while the direction of the force changes every hour. While testing our X63 panel aleo exceeded test requirements of IEC 61215 and evenly exerted a load of approximately 1,400kg (i.e.800kg/m²) on its entire surface (so much to give an idea, the equivalent of two meters of wet snow with a specific weight of 400kg/m²).

Static mechanical load tests also apply to suction loads: 2,400Pa are the equivalent of winds blowing at a speed of 130km/h, with safety factor 3 for gusts of wind. The X-line from aleo passed the static mechanical load test with 5400 Pa.

During the Dynamic Mechanical load test aleo performs, even if it is still not mandatory, strains remain equal to 1,000Pa but change every 12 seconds. Why so fast? Because that’s what happens in real-life conditions.

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