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solar power is trust

Quality made in Germany.

We provide reliable solar energy

Solar power is trusting mankind has to live sustainably. 

Not in the future.


We share a simple vision. A vision of delivering a better world to the future generations.  Not an easy endeavor but we are up to the challenge. We cooperate with people, not mere manufacturers, that share our vision and together strive, day in and day out, to deliver what we stand for. Clean & abundant power. 

A better energy future for the planet & the generations to come

Solar Panels on Rooftop


We choose to work with leading manufacturers, providing the highest industry standards and guarantees. Our solar modules are made to last.

Same approach as our customer care.

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Made in Germany

Globally recognized amongst the most trustworthy manufacturers of solar panels.

Performance and reliability with 100% quality control in the same production plant from the beginning.

Quality Comes First

The highest quality material on your roof, with guaranteed yield for

25 years. All modules are accompanied by a declaration of Approved Place of Manufacture issued by the German Chamber of Industry.

Technical Expertise

The highest performance material on your roof, guaranteed for 25 years.

Devoted to ensure a carefree investment.

World Leading
Solar Panel Manufacturer

Solar panels Made in Germany.

Aleo solar is part of SAS Group. 

Companies such as IBM, Intel, Samsung, ABB and Sharp

trust us. 

aleo solar panels production in Germany

solar panels Made in Germany

We are proud to be aleo solar Official Partners, the leading German solar panel manufacturer offering premium high-quality solar panels.

Solar Technology proudly Made in Germany. 

25yrs Industry Leading product Guarantee.


High Efficiency

Monocrystalline HE Tec

Harvesting the abundance efficiently.
Power is all around us.

Needs for electricity increase every day.

aleo solar panels are designed to harvest the sun’s power and provide you with the energy you rely on.

Project Module

Monocrystalline solar panel

The Powerful project module.

Optimal conception and thinner 35 mm frame offering the benefits of PERC technology.



Roof integration solar tiles

aleo monocrystalline products are easily installed and integrate seamlessly into a home’s preexisting roof structure.

Solar Solution Architecture

Elegante & PV-Insulating Solar Glass

Leading high-efficiency monocrystalline technology for seamless integration in architectural projects.

Quality matters:

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. 

William A. Foster,
United States Marine, Medal of honor
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